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Correct use of environmentally friendly heat pump dryer more power


Correct use of environmentally friendly heat pump dryer more power


[unit] air maintenance can also have many years of history development of heat pump drying machine, along with the development of heat pump drying machine, the use of high temperature heat pump dryer has summed up some maintenance methods, especially for those who just contact with the air source heat pump dryer equipment, ready to use high temperature heat pump drying machine and equipment to create wealth their value for users, it is necessary to understand some heat pump dryer maintenance and maintenance knowledge before and during use, it can delay the service life of the machine, performance and maintenance of the machine can play more reasonable, improve work efficiency, and avoid unnecessary trouble, reduce the loss to produce the error.
[air energy heat pump drying machine maintenance]
1. Daily check whether the power line voltage is stable tightened.
II. Daily cleaning of the air filter, cleaning set in the dust box of the cashmere wadding, ensure good ventilation, enable the equipment to play the best drying effect.
In 30 minutes after the normal opening of the drying machine (high, medium and low) of each operating pressure is in line with the normal range.
2 high temperature heat pump dryer on the maintenance of the month
Open the box cover, using a soft cotton cleaning equipment inside all the devices.
The fin heat exchanger of the drying machine is fully cleaned to ensure that the heat transfer performance of the unit is the best.
Add the appropriate lubricating oil to the fan bearings to reduce friction.
4. Check the belt tension, adjusting pulley, so that it is in the best working condition.
Fifth. On vibration easily lead to the loosening and shedding of parts, including electrical wiring, door rocker, pipe joints and sturdy.
3 annual maintenance of high temperature heat pump dryer
The fixing bolt is loose and rigid frame check.
II. Check the tightness of connections and by supporting spring adjustment.
Check the grounding of equipment and ensure reliable.
4. Check the degree of flexibility in computer control, a wind wheel, a heat exchanger.
5. The equipment on the thermometer instrument sent to the local bureau of technical supervision measurement.






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